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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Dec 22, 2009 9:29am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Checking out items via FTP?

we don't support FTP reuploading, adding, or changing of files
in *existing* items.

and our FTP support for *new* items does *not* support resumption, anyway, unfortunately, so the main advantage (resumption) you'd want FTP for wouldn't work with our site, anyway 8-(

--tracey, archive staff

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Poster: Allen Hsieh Date: Dec 22, 2009 11:39am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Checking out items via FTP?

Thank you for the heads up Tracey!

Another reason I was asking though was because when i use the flash uploader, try the "prefer not to use flash?" option, or use the alternative (non port 8080) page to upload it appears that my file never gets completed.

In the case of the flash uploader, it will say the file has transferred and completed within 4 minutes (the file is 1.3 gigs and I only dream of my connection ever being that fast, haha [usual FTP upload speed is around 200kb/s])

For the other two methods, it just hangs there. I've tried leaving the computer alone for 3 hours for each method to see what will happen and still no luck.

Is there anyway I could delete the item so I can re-use the identifier and try uploading it anew? The identifier in question is 12.19.09_TitleFight >

Sorry for all the headaches and again, thank you so much for your time in providing support for a wonderful free service,

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Feb 1, 2010 5:44pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Checking out items via FTP?

ok i've cleared out that item so that you can try again.

for a 1.3G file, depending on where you are, i'd be surprised if it doesn't take more like 5+ hours or more. maybe even like 24+? :(

i would try doing some smaller files first to the item (you can delete the files later) and make sure that is working. maybe start with 10MB, then 50MB, then 150MB and if they all work, gauge how long 1.3G might take given the 15OMB file.

other thing worth noting is that carriers like comcast *definitely* will "shape" your upload speed. that is, once X seconds go by, they will automatically drop your upload rate dramatically. it really peeves me off but it's true...